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no data loss
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 -  eliminate negligence
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Welcome to Ahsay Offsite Backup Server v4.5. If you are accessing this page from a web server, Congratulation! You have started up Ahsay Offsite Backup Server successfully, please logon to the system using the following link:

Backup User Logon 
Normal user can use this link to manage their backup setting, e.g. backup source or backup schedule.

Free Trial Registration
If you would like to offer free trial to potential users, you can use this link to allow users to register a trial account in this backup system.


System Requirements

Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003
or Red Hat Linux 6.x or above

PC with 256MB RAM (recommended)

Run your backup automatically at mid-night
 -  We report all backup errors to you in email
 -  Data access anywhere, anytime
 -  Every backup file is validated
 -  We keep all backup files, even if they were deleted a long time ago
 -  100% Safe and Secure
 -  Fire? Earthquake? Typhoon? Your data are always safe













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