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Wireless Phone Jack
DSS Accessories~DN-PHONEX

Phonex Broadband's Wireless Jack for Modems turns any electrical outlet into a modem jack that can be used to connect computer modems, video set-top-boxes, Internet appliances, fax machines, and other data oriented devices to the phone line. Put your computer in that spare bedroom or basement den, access the Internet from the kitchen or upstairs home office. The Wireless Jack for Modems gives you the freedom to add a modem jack anywhere your computing needs take you, in less than five minutes.

In addition, the Wireless Jack for Modems is relocatable, recoverable, and reusable in new locations and homes. New frequencies and a transmitter shut- off feature also reduce the chance of interference. The security- coding feature enables quick and easy installation in any residence including multiple dwelling units (MDUs), such as apartments and condominiums, without fear of user conflict.

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